Aug 30

Karol G’s love for luxury watches is evident through her exquisite watch collection. One of her prized possessions is the stunning Boutique Watch Factory Set with Ashoka Cut Diamonds, which features a total of 48 stones that weigh 23.63 carats. This watch is a work of art, with its diamond-encrusted 18k rose gold case and strap. The Ashoka cut is a unique diamond cut that was inspired by the Indian Emperor Ashoka and has 62 facets which make it one of the most brilliant cuts in the diamond family. This rare and exceptional watch is one of the most expensive timepieces in Karol G’s collection. It is renowned for its precision and beauty, making it the perfect accessory for any red-carpet event or black-tie affair. Karol G’s Boutique Watch Factory Set with Ashoka Cut Diamonds impeccably blends elegance and sophistication, representing the pinnacle of luxury watchmaking.


Boutique Collection Watch set with 144 diamonds, a true masterpiece of haute jewelry. It features 23.64ct of Ashoka-cut diamonds (48 Stones), 15.43ct of brilliant-cut diamonds (80 Stones), 3.28ct Asscher-cut diamonds dial (16 Stones). 

Retail price: $ 740,000.00

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